Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First Day of Summer 2011

I decided to celebrate the longest day of the year, June 21st, by taking a little trip into the mountains above Logan.  I headed for Tony Grove about fifteen miles as the crow flies from home.  I really didn't expect to make it all the way and I didn't.  The roads were still covered with snow.  I did make it far enough to take a few pictures.  These represent some of the things I was able to see.  This world truly amazes me.  There is so much beauty all around.  People also amaze me.  Notice the snowmobile tracks in these photos.  Somebody was toying with imminent death by avalanche.  I can imagine the adrenaline rush they must have gotten from these rides up and under the overhanging cornices of snow.
I am also grateful that we didn't find out about it in the local news.  "Man Perishes in Avalanche Near Tony Grove".

The sun now starts its retreat back across the sky, the days grow shorter and winter will follow, all to soon I'm afraid.

After the beauty around Tony Grove I hardly expected anything could outdo it, but I was wrong.  On another little side adventure before heading home I discovered one of the most beautiful girls in the world.  She was out for a hike with the Young Women of her ward.  I guess great minds run in the same groove.  Love my sweet, sweet, little girl.


meegz said...

We do have a beautiful world to live in. And to think there's something better than here?:)
How funny that you ran into Alison. Glad you had a good retreat.

The A Gang said...

It was kinda funny that I was talking about you to te girls about 30 minutes earlier and then as we finished our 11.5 mile hike, you stood before me. Not too shocking really as I know yu live to spend time in nature. We should hike that trail together. It is a good one. My bum cheeks are sore though..(HEEEEE HEEEE)

Bart said...

There is nothing I'd rather do thanhike that trail with you, while I'm still able.

Love you forever,

Grandpa Bart