Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The First Real Taste of Spring

As a child in the Bear Lake Valley, where the coming of spring often lingered well
into April or sometimes even May, some things seemed to herald the dawning of
the change and warmth that accompanied the changing of the seasons.  One of
these was the unmistakable sound of Canada Geese winging their way northward
to their nesting grounds. Some times these beautiful birds would land on the baring
stubble fields in search of some grain that had been lost in the harvest of the
previous season.  It was always with a good deal of gratitude and anticipation that
these great birds were awaited.

Another sure sign of spring was when Dad would come home with a bag full of
fresh water cress.This was the first real taste of spring and one that was always
appreciated.  The water cress grew in small springs where the water temperature
was a little higher than the surrounding environment.  Some of the favorite places
for gathering this early water cress was the Spring at the Lyme Hymas farm and
also at the old Rill Long sawmill in Sharon.  This fresh green water cress was
especially tasty with  slice of Mom's fresh home made bread, strait from the oven,
and some good sharp cheddar cheese.  I still relish this delicacy of my youth and
try to continue the tradition each spring.  Since we moved to Logan this has,of
necessity taken a few turns, as to time and place.  The tastes are still the same
and the anticipation of the coming spring are not diminished after all the years. 
I found this small patch of water cress in Logan Canyon during a walk on the
Stokes Nature Trail a couple of days ago.  Needless to say I have been feasting
on green for the last few days.  Simple Pleasures.
After a pleasant walk along the Stokes Nature Trail on Friday I was reminded that
there is a time and a season to all things. The picture above was taken the
following morning just outside our door.  Sometimes  we anticipate what is surely
coming only to be reminded that the time is not yet, and that we are not the ones
to set the clock of all things. This is true in our own daily walks of life, as well. 
Patience is indeed a virtue,  just as is faith in what will surely come to pass.  Just a
few musings on the past and the future from the vantage point of the present.

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