Monday, October 4, 2010

Do You Ever Wonder Why I Love Going to Work?

We are indeed blessed to work in this heavenly place.

Logan Utah Temple October 4, 2010


Rene Weston-Eborn said...

Nope, I know why you love it. You have the best job out of everyone!

meegz said...

Glad you love it! I was wishing the temple was in walking distance the other day and thought of you.
What a treat to have one so close...and to get to work there too!

The A Gang said...

did you take that photo Dad? If so, That should be published. WOW!

Bart said...

Alison, Yes, i did take that picture. I was just fooling around with my camera, to see what kind of effects I could achieve. I kind of liked this little experiment. There were some other good ones too. I'm glad you liked it. I did publish it. to my blog.