Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Farewell to JT

            Three generations of missionaries,

       Germany,  Russia, Hong Kong

Today we went to Layton to attend Elder JT Eborn's "Farewell".  He spoke in sacrament meeting in his ward and will be entering the MTC on Wednesday, December 30, 2009,  just two days after his 19th birthday.  He is a spiritual young man and is well prepared to assume the duties of a missionary.  He will have a challenge with the new language and culture, but as he said in his talk today: Love is the key.  JT is a very lovable young man, and has been since the day of his birth.  He has an infectious smile and a sincere testimony of the gospel and love for others.  These things will serve him well for the next two years as he works with the Russian people in the Russia Novosibirstk Mission.  We are honored to have JT as a part of our family and I'm sure the Lord is very happy that JT will be serving His people as a misionary in Russia.  Since Jason was born, and as the other children came along, I often felt a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities of fatherhood.  It is an awesome responsibility, and I sometimes feared I was not as good as I should have been.  After sacrament meeting today one of the Stake Presidency in Jason and Rene's stake came over to me and introduced himself.  I was proud to ackowledge JT as my grandson.  Then he told me something that has given me cause for reflection.  He said: "You never know how good of a father you have been until you see your own children raising their children."  If that is the case, maybe I wasn't so bad after all. I'm sure your Mom played the biggest role, for which I am greatful.  Thanks to all of my children who are doing such a wonderful job of raising our grandkids.  We love you every day more and more.  God bless you,  JT. and your family during all of your lives, but especially as you serve these next two years in Russia.


Alison said...

I would have to agree about the children being as good as the fathers that raised them. My brothers are the best men I know... which is all because of how they were raised.

Bart said...

Our sons' sister is awesome as well. We are very pleased with all of you and the way you live your lives. I wouldn't have anyone else raising our wonderful grandchildren. Thanks for being you and doing all you do to help us and others.

Love you,


Jason said...

What a great day we had. Thanks to all our loved ones for coming and supporting us and JT.
I was feeling very proud today. Proud of my son and proud to be my Father's son.