Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Go Out Walking

"If you keep going, you will never get stuck"

As most of you know I love a good long walk. Since we
retired and moved to Logan I have kind of settled into a
nice little routine, at least as for as walks are concerned.
Every day I leave home , walk up past the temple, down
the Boulevard, then up Canyon Road to the bridge at the
end of the reservoir by First Dam. I counted it off one
time and it's about 10,000 steps round trip. I figure it's
very close to six miles. I try to keep a pace of about one
mile every 15 minutes and when I come home, I'm
usually dripping sweat. Along the way I see lots of
interesting things and people. At the beginning I always
see the Temple, which means so very much to me. It's
astounding how beautiful it can be at different times of
the day and at different seasons of the year. It's a good way
to start my place to start my physical exercise, and then
at the end of the day to get my spiritual exercise.

On the other end of my walk I often see deer, and always
ducks and geese. They usually come by for a handout
no matter what the weather.

When I'm tired of walking and have a few minutes once in
while I still like exploring. The other night I decided to
Google Earth a little bit and retrace our hike of a few years
ago with Jason and Rene and their boys. It was fun to
reminisce. I came on this cool picture of Havasu Falls at
Night. I remember the place so well. Jason and the boys
went swimming here and we all had a great time. As always
I took a lot of pictures but none quite as cool as this one.
I'd love to hike down there again before my legs give right
out on me.


Bart said...

I had fun on that hike with Jason and family. There were times I chanted,"Dead Woman Walking", but I
think the kids thought it was funny. That is a very beautiful spot. If any of you get a chance to
go, do so, you will never regret it. God has created so many beautiful places, we need to see them and thank him for his creations. If I can sleep in a tent on the ground any of you can.
Love to all, Mom

meegz said...

Havasupi is a place we would like to get to one day. Glad you guys got to experience it.
Whether alone or with a friend, there's nothing like a good walk.

Alison said...

You are an inspiration dad. I believe it when you said you punch in all your personal info. to see your life expectancy and it said you would live to be 102. I bet even longer at the rate you are going. We'll all go before you if you keep it up. That's okay- w'll all catch up to each other in the end.

Rene Weston-Eborn said...

I have been trying to talk Jason into a Havasupi trip this summer...I enjoyed it so much and would love to take the girls this time around.

Love your walk routine! I have take a similiar path when we use to live there.

Now, I just stop with Scout and let him run into the water when I can't hang on to him and scare the ducks. Silly Scout.