Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just a part of the specialness of the Christmas season

Christmas evening we went out to Justin and Chalisa's in
Hyrum. It's always fun to go out there. It was snowing
quite hard when we left and we drove home in a blizzard.
Yes, everyone had a White Christmas, but we were glad
we made it home safely and were off the slippery and
snowy highways.

We also visited Alison and Ammon and their family
on Christmas Day. They always make us feel welcome
and special. We had a good time there and were glad
to see them all having fun, enjoying each other and this
special season of the year.

Little girl cousins enjoying a few moments of play time
together at Aunt Alison's on Christmas Day.

Ada, Halle, Gabrielle, pausing their play for a Grandpa

The family Rock Star with her new Hannah Montana

Ada and Halle, photo op in front of Ada's doll house.
Can you believe Chalisa's Dad made one of those for all
of our little grand-daughters. How nice can a man be.

We spent Christmas Eve at Ryan and Samantha's. They
had a wonderful meal prepared for us and shared the
Christmas story. We opened gifts and talked about the
most important gift of all, our Savior, and how each gift
we give or get should be a reminder of the greatest gift
of all. When we arrived at Ryan and Sam's house we were
in for a big surprise. After a couple of minutes there,
here came little Sophie into the living room. We had no
idea they were any where near. We just supposed Stephen
and his crew were at home in Colorado. What a JOY it was
to see them and then to have them with us for most of the
remainder of the holiday season. There would certainly
have been less fun around our house without them.
Here are some of the clan opening Christmas gifts at Ryan
and Samantha's Christmas Eve. Thank you so much Ryan
and Sam. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve together.

On Christmas Eve Day Jason and Rene and their
wonderful family stopped by for a while. We went
to Federico's for Pizza and salads, and of course lots of
laughs. Those kids can make you laugh 'til you cry,
which they did. Thanks for the visit and the fun times.

Grandma Iris and little Kate putting a puzzle together at
Justin and Chalisa's. Their kids were so fun to be with.

I spent some fun time with Ethan putting together
(what else) a dinosaur puzzle. He says, he's going
to be a paleontologist. I think is one already.

We had the opportunity during the season to attend one
JT's wresting meets. He did a wonderful job and was
really taking it to the other kid, when all of a sudden he
made a wrong move and pinned himself. Is there anyone
of us who has not done the same thing in some way or
another. We all live and learn, and if we get up every time
we fall down and try again, we are never losers. JT is no
loser in my book, but one of the greatest winners ever,
especially because he helps others become winners too.

We stopped off to see Philip and Megan. They are doing
well and still love each other, their kids and us, not to
mention everyone else. Love is what makes the world go

We also got to see Tanner man in his swim meet at
Clearfield. The kid can flat out swim. Watch out Michael
Phelps, here comes Tanner Man. Tanner is in the
middle lane in this picture.

It's Christmas time and winter in the Cache Valley. The
Temple and the Church play a big part in our lives. In
this photo, taken from Old Main Hill at USU you can see
both our ward meeting house and the Logan Temple. It's
nice to be so close.

We went out to Justin's and Chalisa's one
day. Ethan went out to help me shovel the
driveway and play in the snow. Everything
was beautiful. When we went back inside
Ethan said to me: "This has been the
happiest day of my life." I'm not quite sure
that was true, but it does show that the
greatest joys are often found with someone
who loves you doing the simplest things.


meegz said...

Great pictures and good family memories.:)

Rene Weston-Eborn said...

I wish I could have seen your face when little Sophie showed up in the living room and you saw her! I bet is was Priceless....

Hope you had a yummy turkey dinner... ;)

meegz said...

We look forward to seeing you on Monday.