Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Val-da-ree Val-da-rah

The fall weather has been just so beautiful I have had a hard time retraining myself.  This afternoon I decided to take another hike.  I went up Logan Canyon to  the Spring Hollow Campground and hiked from there up the switchbacks to the top of the China Wall, probably 1500 feet elevation gain, and then along the cliffs for about three miles before descending down the steep mountain trail to the Logan River and then on back to the car which was parked at the campground.  It was  wonderful to be out in nature and even though the autumn leaves have begun to fade in most places, it was still very beautiful.  It seems like we have been especially blessed this year with the beauties of the autumn season.  I was also grateful in my advanced years to be able to make such a hike.  I hope to be able to do this for a few more years and count each hike and each year as an added blessing.  I arrived home just about sunset, feeling tired, dusty and very, very blessed.  Iris had a wonderful supper waiting for me for which I am also grateful.
Below are just a few of the pictures I was able to take.  You know me.  I don't go anywhere without my camera.  I'm no pro, but I do enjoy taking pictures and like I always say: If you take enough you are bound to get a good one once in a while.
On the trail leading up the mountain. 
Looking down Logan Canyon from the China Wall. 
 Looking down on the sunlit pines from above without taking a foot off good earth.
 Part of the China Wall cliffs looking down on Third Dam in Logan Canyon.
 A happy wanderer on the trail.
Fall colors in the half light of the canyon.  And yes, the fish were rising.
I need to come back soon with my fly rod.


The A Gang said...

Dad~ those are beautiful again. Be careful going on those hikes alone. I hope to go on some more with you~ so don't fall off any cliffs. Great pictures again. Love them and you.

Sam and Ryan said...

Truly beautiful! I love and admire your passion for the creations of God. Would love to spend some time with you in the great outdoors soon. We love you.