Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twentyfive (25)

Yesterday was July 25th.  Somehow this day has taken on a special meaning for us.  It was on this day quite a few years ago (maybe 29 maybe more) a sweet little girl joined our family of boys, four at the time.  We had been hoping and praying that we would get a little girl.  That was in the day before everybody had ultrasounds to determine what the gender of new little infants.  For us there was still big element of surprise in every birth.  I think Iris was hoping against the odds for a baby girl, but we were very happy to have a little Alison Maria.  She has been a joy to us ever since and we appreciate her kindness to us in so many ways especially now that we are growing older.  She is a wonderful person and is especially adored by her family.  She is always thinking of others and how she can make them happy.  I have come to know her stake president, who is also their next door neighbor.  I usually see him in the temple and he never fails to compliment me on his neighbor who is such a good example to her children and his.  We always feel a sense of joy at these reports, though we know beforehand that she is a very special person.  We love you very much Alison!!!

Also, yesterday about four o'clock in the morning when we were fast asleep, the phone rang,  It was Ryan.  He had a very short message.  "We are on our way to the hospital." For us that was good news.
Samantha has been expecting a child and we knew the time was getting close.  Sam actually told me a few days ago that she thought the baby would be born on Monday.  Well, not quite , but close.  It was Wednesday early in the morning, so despite the four o'clock phone call we were happy.  Iris had made arrangements to go take care of the other children when the baby came, so despite the early hour she happily got dressed and went to do her grandmotherly duties.  The baby arrived just a little more than an hour after they got to the hospital, a beautiful little 7lb 15ounce girl.  Her name will be Neveah,  kind of like heaven spelled backwards, but not quite.  Close enough to remind us all that she is truly a gift sent directly from heaven to our family and entrusted to the care of Ryan and Samantha.  In the afternoon, after I had completed my shift at the temple we went to see the little angel.  The children were all excited to see the new addition to the family and to get to hold her for a few minutes.  They will be good helpers to their Mom.  Sam is doing well considering what she went through and Ryan held up his end of the bargain pretty well too.  We are happy and pleased to know that they are willing to make the sacrifice and assume the responsibility to bring children into the world.  We love them and wish them the best always.

The baby was born July 25th.  Now we have a double reason to rejoice on that day.  Also, little Neveah, is our twenty fifth (25th) grandchild.  She broke the tie. Now there are 13 girls and 12 boys.
Some of our greatest blessings call us Grandma and Grandpa.
Annika holding her little sister, Neveah, July 25th, 2012.
First family photo with all six.  There will, no doubt, be many more to come.

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The A Gang said...

Thanks dad for your nice words. You are the best! It is exciting to know that sweet Neveah will share the same birthday! She is very blessed to be born to such a wonderful family. She is beautiful and will be loved beyond measure. Happy 25th to us all!