Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aspen Ridge/Hull Valley

Tonight we decided to go up to Hull Valley and Camp Aspen Ridge where Jason is serving as the camp director this year.  Maddie has been with him most every week.  She was practically born at boy scout camp and she loves it even after all these years.  She will not be left out.  Megan didn't come up this week, though she has spent some of the time there this summer as well.  Our cousin, Austin, has also been working at the camp.   It is kind of tiring, but I think all are enjoying it and doing their best to make sure the campers all have a great experience at Camp Aspen Ridge.
As we approached the camp we could see that the flag ceremony was in progress. We looked across the way and saw our cute little Maddie paying her respects to the American flag as it was being retired for the day.

A little later I got her to pose for me.  Kids will be kids.

Cousin Austin Eborn, Chris and Micehelle's son, has been working at the camp this summer. He seems to be enjoying it and making some good memories. I think he has come to know and like his Eborn cousins at camp

Austin and Maddie at Camp Aspen Ridge

Here are Jason, Tanner,Maddie and Austin performing the "Eborn Family Skit" at the campfire ceremony.  They were having fun and Jason is always such a good sport.

They even incorporate horses into the flag ceremony.  It was really quite impressive.

You can tell Maddie has been spending a little time in the great outdoors.  What a blessing.
Jason and his camper girl, Maddie.  I never would have believed those summers at Camp Little Lemhi would have led to all the wonderful experiences our family has had as a result of Jason and the Boy Scouts of America.


The A Gang said...

Maybe I should take my kids up there for a visit. I am sure Jason and Maddie enjoyed seeing you. You are always supportive. Love you.

Rene Weston-Eborn said...

That was nice of you to go visit, I am sure that Jason/kids loved having you there.

Hope all is well.

S. Baker said...

I remember Jason at Lemhi. Nice to see he still has that Scouting Spirit.