Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yellowstone Park

A few seeks ago Ryan and Samantha invited us to come along with them on their trip to Yellowstone Park.  We made arrangements and accepted their invitation.  We enjoyed being together with  them and their sweet children.  They are all so fun to be around, even though Annika and Grandma colluded and pulled a trick on Grandpa.  It was worth it to hear them all laughing so hard.  We were fortunate enough to get three nights at Worldmark, which made the trip much more comfortable for all of us, especially Sam who was a trooper and made the trip in spite of a quickly approaching due date. Can't wait to see their new little girl.  Thanks, Sam, for going the extra mile to be with us all.  You are a strong person, to go along with all of your other qualities.
Ryan and Sam's little "Totem Pole".  They are fun kids to be around and always well behaved.
We saw two bears.  It has been a while since I actually saw a bear in Yellowstone Park.  Not like the old days when we first went there and bears practically lined up along the roads waiting for a handout.
Ryan had to try his luck with the fly rod.  Unfortunately the weather was bad when he tried and he didn't get any fish, in spite of a few strikes.  Oh, well, he might have to walk across the street from his home here in Logan and try again.  I'm sure he will.
Yellowstone Park would not be Yellowstone if it weren't for the bison and geysers.
This is my best atempt at a panorama shot during the trip.  Yellowstone Lake is beautiful, especially this time of year with so much snow on the distant mountains.  We had a wonderful trip and made some lasting memories with Ryan and Samantha and their little family.  Thanks, Ryan and Sam for including us.  Sometimes our aches and pains don't allow us to be the very best of company.  Though we've  been to Yellowstone Park many times, I am always awed by the power and the beauty of that special place in the world.  We shall return.


The A Gang said...

I'm glad yo were able to go.. I really think it is important to see and do all that we can while we can. Life is short, enjoy the ride, Looked beautiful!

Sam and Ryan said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful trip! Our children will have fond memories of being with Grandpa and Grandma in Yellowstone. We love you and are so thankful for your influence in our lives. Ryan