Friday, June 15, 2012

Several days ago Stephen called and told us about Mason's baseball tournament.  He gave us the game times and I could tell he would have been happy if we could have been at some of the games.  Believe me, we would really have liked to attend.  There's not much I enjoy more than watching a good baseball game on a nice warm day while sipping an ice cold lemonade, especially if one of my kids or grand kids is playing.  Unfortunately, we had other obligations and couldn't fit it in together with the travel time etc.  Last night Stephen called again and told us that Mason's team had won and were going to be in the championship game tonight.  Dang, I wish I knew how to be in two places at once.  I haven't quite figured it out, but I'm working on it.

Tonight Stephen called again to report that Mason's team won the championship and that Mason was the MVP of the game.  He got a hit, scored a run, and made a diving catch that saved three runs and was the difference as to who won and lost.  If Grandma Iris had been there they'd all have to go in for a hearing checkup in the morning.  She can get loud when she is excited. And so can I.

Stephen was kind enough to email me these two pictures taken with his phone.  Not the same as being there but we are grateful for the technology that allows for such speedy transfer of information and pictures.  We are proud of you, Mason.  You are awesome in our eyes MVP or no MVP.  You'll always be a winner in our book.

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The A Gang said...

That's great!!!!!! Way to go Mason!!!! MVP!!!!