Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping in Logan Canyon and Sleeping under the Stars

Before school was out I promised Ethan that I would come and take him on a little camping trip.  One thing has led to another and I just got around to keeping my promise this past Friday night.  It was a holiday weekend here in Utah (Pioneer Day) so all of the campgrounds were pretty full, but after looking around for a while we found a nice spot in the Preston Valley Campground in Logan Canyon.
I pitched a small tent and reserved our campground.  It was close to the Logan River which is running very high for this time of year.  Fortunately there were a lot of willows between us and the river so I didn't have to worry much about it.  We could still hear the roar of the rushing waters though and it was rather impressive.  What had started out with the idea of Ethan and I camping out together turned in to something a little more and even better.  Hayden wanted to join in with us and in the final analysis, so did Kate.  We had a great time together exploring around a bit and then cooking some good hot dogs over the campfire on a stick.  We then had some marshmallows too.  I was surprised at how well the kids did.  They cooked most of them to perfection, though a few got a little over done, like charcoal black.  Fun just the same.  It kind of reminded me of the good old days when we used to do that with our kids and even before that when I did it with my brothers and sister and our parents.  What goes around comes around, they say.

One of the best parts of the trip was that Ethan and I got to sleep out under the stars.  We looked for falling stars and satellites crossing the sky.  We saw a few of each, but the best part was just lying there on our backs talking to each other and looking up at the beauties of the sky.  It makes one feel very small and yet grateful to be a part of such a beautiful universe.

Hayden was a fun boy too.  We hiked around and he climbed partway up a tree.  He is such a sweet boy and always pleasant to be around.  I think he had a good time.  We crossed a small bridge and he saw what he called a haunted house.  It was really just a small unused cabin with moss growing all around it.

I've got to admit I was worried about Kate.  I didn't know how she would react to a night in the canyon away from he Mama.  Maybe it was because Justin came after he got off work and stayed the night with us, but he was a trooper and didn't complain a bit. She actualy made a rather pretty little Indian princess, don't you think? All in all we had a great time camping out and sleeping under the stars.  Love my grand kids.


The A Gang said...

You always go the extra mile o insure you spend time with your grandkids. We are all very lucky and blessed. Love you!

Rene Weston-Eborn said...

Looks like a great night! Agreed, those 3 are growing up so fast. They look like they enjoyed their grandpa!