Monday, November 29, 2010

Can I Have a Creamie?

Several months ago when Stephen and his family were visiting from Colorado, we offered the kids some Creamies from our freezer.  Little Sophie took just one small bite of hers and  said: "Umm, I just may have to have another one of these."  Since that time we have made a point to make sure there are plenty of Creamies in the freezer when they come for a visit.  This past week was no exception.  What can we do, when we know that the first words out of their mouths upon arrival at our place will be, "Can I have a Creamie?"

Here are Stephen and a couple of his little Creamie lovers.
Sophie and Gabrielle
Sophie is so full of life, but even a Creamie fed angel eventually wears down.  Gotta love that girl. The Creamies are gone and it is sadly quiet around our house once again.  They've gone back home to Pueblo, Colorado.  We're glad they came and now are also thankful for their safe trip back home.

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The A Gang said...

They love those creamies!