Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun at the Park

Today was Gabrielle and Sophie's turn with Grandpa.  We went to the zoo at Willow Park and saw the animals and then the kids played at the playgound there. 

Gabbi wanted to climb a tree, so I helped her a bit.  She had fun.
Gabbi and Sophie wanted to swing on the swings.  I've never seen two kids have more fun on the swings.  They didn't want to quit.  It is such a joy to have such eager, happy, and I might add, fearless little granddaughters.  Mason and Garrett went with us too, but they mostly just hung out together and did their own thing.  I love them all very much.

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Bart said...

Grandpa loves his girls and his
girls love CREAMIES!!!!!!!

Grandma Iris