Thursday, November 5, 2009

Working at the Logan Temple

On November 4th, 2008, exactly one year ago today, my Sweetheart and I began a marvelous adventure, one that has brought us closer together, given us greater understanding of the things of eternity and our Father in Heaven's Plan for us and all of His children. We have learned much and have been truly inspired as we serve the patrons who come each day, and associate with the selfless people who work there as officiators.  One of the greatest blessing has been to see the young married couples, some still in school and others who are raising small families, come to the later sessions in the day.   We sense their devotion to their Heavenly Father and can see in their faces the reward of peace, oneness, and understanding and spiritual balance they have recieved by coming to the temple.  I wish that all could have this  opportunity and take advantage of it frequently.  The world would be a better, gentler place, and our families would also be the beneficiaries.

As of a couple of weeks ago, I have a double blessing, my brother Reed and his wife, Lorraine, were called to work in the Logan Temple too.  They chose to work on the same shift with us and it is wonderful to see them often and know that they are making the most of their retirement years as well.  It has been a great blessing for us and I'm sure it will for them as well, as we seek to bless the lives of others, both living and dead.


meegz said...

How great that Reed and Lorraine are working with you -- more association with family! Glad to hear it!:)

Thanks for your help the other day. We are headed to do baptisms today for our family. Yippee!!

Alison said...

That's great about Reed. That will be good to be close to him. You are fortunate to have some of your family so close.

You are a good example.. I wish I was better and did all that you do and was all that you are.