Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Reunion1

Alison, Ammon, Addison, Avery,and Ada, "The A Gang"
In my book they are A+++++. That's pretty good from an
old has been teacher who was noted for not giving a lot
of "As".

Ryan and Samantha and their two little sparkplugs that
always keep us smiling and on our toes. What a joy to be
around. And thanks for coming, I know your weekend
was filled with other very important things as well. We
are so happy for you all.

Dr. Shana has dilivered more babies than all the rest of
us put together, but the cutest ones are those who hang
around her house most of the time, don't you think?
Great family and growing up, especially Mandi.

Alison cooking peppers for our Saturday breakfast. It sure
beats raisan bran and prunes. Though they are needed since
my operation. I want to just be a '"regular" guy, you know.

My best shot of the entire family. It's hard to get
everyone looking and smiling at the same time, especially
the little ones. Don't tell me I've got nothing to do. I could
start counting my blessings and never ever quit. Cann't
we all?

The sisters. Alison felt out numbered growing up. No
need for that any more. Oh, and do my boys have good
judgment, or what? I love all of the women in my life.
You are all awesome.

I know Alison loves the Josh Groban song "You Lift Me Up"
This comes about as close as you can to being literally
lifted up. Symbolically, we all should, and I think do, lift each
other up. What a blessing!!!!

Count my dollars. I'm not very rich. Count what really
matters. You can stack me up against Bill Gates or most
anybody else and I' m near the top. Thank you all for
being the kind of people you are.

Grandkids, search all you want and you will never find a
greater joy. Thanks to all their parents for loving them
and teaching them the important truths we all need to
know and helping them to become rooted in what really

Stephen and Candice and their beautiful little Coloradoans.
We are very proud of the way you work together and the
love that radiates from each of you.

What better example could any of you have than your
oldest brother? What a wonderful, caring, fun family.

Again, still, and forever. A family of best friends. What
else is more important? Families can be together forever.
We hear it all the time, but here is one who really wants to
do it, and will move heaven and earth, if needs be, to make
it happen. Can we learn from their example? I think so.

A light shining in Hyrum, let's make it five lights. We are
so glad to have you all as a part of the clan. Smart kids
don't just happen. Thanks for all you do. Yes, Chalisa,
you will even get Rex potty trained, well at least trained.
I'm not sure he will learn to flush.

Philip and Megan. You are a great example to us all.
You know when to work and when to have fun. No wonder
Addison said of his Uncle Philip: "I wish everyone could be
just like Uncle Philip."

The mother of seven wonderful children. I often ask how
she ever did it, but what does the scripture say?: "By their
fruits ye shall know them." We may be slightly prejudiced
but we still win the arguement. Iris has been a great and
wonderful companion and mother. My love grows for her
everyday. I can hardly wait to see how much I will love
her a hundred million years from now.

Thanks to all of you for helping to make our first reunion
a great success. I mean SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is great and we love each and every one of you more
than words can express. Let's all keep the faith and
keep in touch. Blogging is a great way to do that between
reunions, so if you don't blog as much as some of the rest
of us, just remember, you are depriving us and yourselves
as well.

God bless you all is our constant prayer.

To be continued:


Alison said...

Hey Where's our family photo? Maybe there wasn't a good one.
Love ya!

Alison said...

I agree with the blogging, I enjoy seeing what is going on with all my family. However, I think that a phone call or visit is more important. We can't tell if someone is having a bad day or needing help or just a friend to talk to by looking at the blog. I need to improve as I know all of us can. Perhaps we can work on both. Let's not just call when we need something, but maybe to also see if others might need something. We are not to likely to open up on our blogspots.

Bart said...

No, Alison, your family picture is at the top of the list. Ijust didn;t get everything finished befor I published this post, and you caught it before I finished the job. You are right about the additional contacts we need between blogs. We'll promise to keep your phone ringing. And visit, when we get moved down there I might have a change of mind about our visits. That's really why we are moving so as to be able to do the in person visits more often. It will be fun for us, but we don't want to interfere in your lives too much. We all need each other. It makes us stronger as a family and better as individuals.

Alison said...

The picture of you and mom at the Paris Tabernacle is a keeper!