Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons learned from tough times

Over the course of my life I have been blessed with remarkably good health.  I've tried to live well, eat right, stay active both physically and mentally, get adequate rest, breath in the fresh mountain air of the Bear Lake Valley, allow the Spirit to be my guide,and enjoy each day as it came, even those with special challenges. In the past forty years of excellent health, I guess, Ive become a little smug, giving myself too much credit for my good fortune.  I've become what some have termed "stubborn"., still others "arrogant".I''ve come of late to realize more fully that I am not the "master of my fate", and not "the captain of my soul".  Invictus has its point, but it also leaves out the main point. We are children of our Father in Heaven, who loves and nurtures us.  Sometimes, the most important lessons can come during times of sickness and other trials, when we tend to be more humble and see that God sends his love to us through angels of mercy, who love, teach and nurture us during these trials. For the past ten days or so, I have been sicker than I have ever been.  Near pneumonia, which has hung on and on, but seems to be subsiding some now.  I've surrendered and gone to the Doctor a couple of times, more than in the previous forty years combined, if you don;t count my surgery of five years ago.  I've been the recipient of the love and kindness of the best nurse any one could ever have, Iris.  I've received calls of encouragement.  I've received a priesthood blessing after the hundreds and hundreds I've given over the years.  I've come to understand more fully the suffering of others and my own personal dependence upon others as the carriers of God's love for me.  I am ashamed, that in my pursuit of self reliance, I may have forgotten, the source of my blessings to an unacceptable degree.  Thanks to all of you who have shown concern, and especially those who had the courage to tell me what I needed most to know.  I will work at these things, and try to be more grateful for every breath I take and every person who touches my life for good.  I'm still on the mend and can hardly wait to get back to the Temple and to go and see the ones I love the most, my family.  God bless you all for all you do to help me be a better person.  I'm still a pretty rough stone, in need of polishing, but my love for each of you is great and pure, and so I face each day, each moment, with a resolve to live worthy of my blessings and to never take them for granted.

Love you all and always,

Grandpa Bart


meegz said...

I'm glad you're feeling better -- I've missed you in the blogging world.:)

Keep getting rest and water!

The A Gang said...

I am glad it is getting a bit better. Don't forget, that you still need to take it easy and nurture yourself. I love you and don't like to see you hurting. I am glad that you humbled yourself and went to the doctor. We all need assistance when we are ailing. You are a strength to all of us and we need you around for many many more years to come . Love you!!!!!!